Diesel Cologne, 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Any Diesel Fragrance

Diesel Cologne, 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Any Diesel Fragrance

1. The Fragrance

Diesel cologne is known for their unique and innovative appeal, typical of anything that comes from the world-renowned fashion house Diesel. Their scents range best men’s vanilla fragrance  from the refined and woodsy, refreshing and clean, mysterious and sophisticated, and brave and powerful.

Diesel has something for every type of man. Be it for the elegant, sophisticated, modern, classy, courageous or powerful, there is definitely a cologne that will suit your style.

2. The Diesel Fashion Line

Diesel Cologne comes from a fashion house known primarily for its unique jeans design. Diesel is under the leadership of Renzo Rosso who was born in Padua, Italy in 1955. He went to school to study industrial textiles, and after graduating he partnered with his friends to form the Genesis Group. They created several brands including Replay, Goldie and Diesel.

Among the brands that they created, Diesel was the one not bringing in much revenue. But seeing its great potential, Renzo Rosso decided to buy exclusive rights to the brand and opened his own store in 1985. He didn’t have much knowledge on business and marketing so many thought that it was a suicide attempt. But through the years, Rosso has proven that doing things spontaneously can still prove to be rewarding.
Today Diesel is one of the top names in the fashion industry. Rosso believes that his company’s success is largely because he was courageous enough to take the road less travelled.

3. Diesel Cologne Series

Diesel has released several men’s cologne under its brand name. The first cologne this company released was Diesel Zero Plus. This cologne is known for its refined scent with a touch of oriental wood fragrance. In 1997, Diesel released yet another successful product in their men’s cologne series which was called the Diesel Plus Plus. This manly fragrance is a rich combination of fougere and sandalwood. Its mild and subtle scent makes it perfect for daily use.

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