How to Build a Rocking Chair – Tips to Get Started

 How to Build a Rocking Chair – Tips to Get Started


Rocking chairs would make a good furniture piece on the porch or by the fireplace. It definitely is worth the effort to learn how to build a rocking chair. It is one of the most   comfortable chair to have around the house.

And I should know, several times, I found myself dozing off just after a few minutes sitting in my chair.

First Things First

Before building a rocking chair, you need to decide first if you wish to build the whole set or you may just want to add a rocker to an existing chair.

Yes, you do have the option to do this and yes, adding a rocker to an existing chair is a whole lot easier than building the whole thing but for a woodworking enthusiast like me, it’s definitely less the fun.

Plus, not all chairs can be made for this purpose. You’ll need to have a sturdy chair made of hard wood.

To build a rocker, you’ll be needing a plywood onto which you will draw and cut the template for the rocker. This template is then used as an easy guide for drawing and sawing the rocker from the wood.


In building a this kind of chair, you need to decide which type of you are going to use.

As mentioned earlier, the sturdier the wood the better. Pine is the least expensive choice for this purpose but if the chair is intended for outdoor use, I’d suggest something sturdier like oak.


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