How To’s On Feeding Red Worms To Chickens

 How To’s On Feeding Red Worms To Chickens

Are feeding red worms to chickens a good thing? It actually is in a lot of ways. Red Wiggler worms are not only good as composting worms, they can also be used as animal Francostone  feed. These worms can be turned into chicken feed, and is actually packed with a lot of nutrients.

Now, if you’re thinking about growing your own worms for your own convenience, then go right ahead. But do take note that it might also take some time. But despite the timeframe, you can still benefit from growing your own worms, as this can be a very inexpensive way to providing and raising chickens an instant food source (you no longer have to buy your next supply of worms). So when you’re keeping chickens, try to invest on keeping worm farms of your own.

But if you want to go right ahead with feeding your backyard chickens with worms, then you can find a whole lot of them in bait shops, or from other local dealers. There are also a lot of chicken feed suppliers in the market, today. You can try looking them up in the directory, or get a hold of them up online.

This type of chicken food can also be harvested and fed in the following ways:

1. If you happen to be keeping a worm bin at home, then it’s best to just get a few handfuls of the beddings active top layer. Make sure to spread this out inside their chicken houses so that the chickens can start feeding on this source of food. For sure there will be worms present from that catch. If not, try to get a few more handfuls.

2. Try harvesting worms by hitting two birds with one stone! Harvest these red worms for you to use as chicken feed, as well as harvest their rich worm castings. You may be able to segregate the two by putting all these on top of a table. Not only do you get to feed chickens with nutritious stuff, you’ll also be able to provide your garden some organic fertilizer.

3. You can instantly feed these to your chickens (even if they’re inside their small chicken coops) as soon as you harvest your worms. Plain and simple.

4. As previously mentioned, you can leave the worms to dry, and have these crushed and blended soon after. You can actually dry them in several ways:

a. You can place these red worms under an electric light bulb

b. Or you can have them contained inside a greenhouse

c. You can also keep these red wigglers inside a closet that has central heating

d. Or place them inside an oven using just a gas pilot light

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