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Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. Microsoft Word Tutorial Microsoft Word Tutorial This tutorial requires a basic understanding of how to use Microsoft Word and focuses only on operations useful for the Word and Excel Assignment The two column sections indicate the desired action on the left side and the steps to achieve it on the right side. Underlined phrases indicate menu tabs such as Home , italicized phrases indicate menu op- tions such as Font , and bolded phrases indicate actions within each menu option such as Font Size.

This is located in the Home bar under Styles and contains a number of options. It is recommended that the Title style be used for titles, Heading 1 be used for section headings and Heading 2 be used for subheadings. Other styles can be used as desired.

To apply a style: Add text then highlight the line by moving the cursor over to the left margin until it changes to a white arrow. Left click next to the text to highlight, then go to the Styles bar in the Home tab and select the desired style. This method can be used to apply styles to headings and other text. Simply follow the highlighting steps then select your desired style. To preview a style, highlight the text then hover the cursor over the style.

The style will be temporarily applied to the highlighted text until the cursor is moved. Breaks A useful formatting element in Word is breaks. Breaks are used to insert new pages or sections into a document and preserve formatting within sections.

In the Insert tab under Pages, select Page Break. For example, page number format often varies throughout a document. Section breaks allow the page number component of the document to have multiple formats throughout. This action creates a section break on the next page, and formatting for the next section can be done independently from previous sections.

Adding a next page section break automatically adds a page break. Note that it is essential to add a next page section break when changing page number formatting within a document. Professional reports include all of these elements for quick reference for the reader. These can be created automatically in Word if Quick Styles are used to format headings, subheadings, titles and captions.

For a List of Tables, select Table instead. These instructions will only work if Quick Styles is used for formatting headings and subheadings. Page Numbers Page numbers are used in all professional reports to improve ease of locating information within the document. As mentioned, general formatting for Engineering reports has no page number on the title page, roman numerals starting at i for tables of contents and figures, and Arabic numbers starting at 1 for the report body.

Section specific formatting requires a few more steps. These steps may have to be altered or omitted depending on specific formatting requirements. First, format document with section breaks: Add next page section breaks in the document between sections that will have different formatting. Next, add page numbers: As described previously. To add Roman numerals to a section: Double click the header of the first page of the section to select it. In the window that opens, use the Number Format drop down menu to select Roman numerals.

Follow the same process for any subsequent sections to switch to any other numbering format. To remove number from title page: Select header on title page. This will leave the header blank on the first page only. To add text such as last name next to numbers: Double click the header and type next to the number. Changes to one header will appear on every page, regardless of section breaks, except for the first page if the Different First Page box is checked.

Equation Editor In engineering reports it is often useful to include equations that are relevant to the analysis. To insert equations easily into a document, use Equation Editor. Type your equation in the box that appears. The following keyboard shortcuts are particularly useful for generating equations quickly in Word.

References in IEEE It is often necessary for engineers to use information found online and in texts, which necessitates using citations. Citation management tools make this process more accurate and efficient. While this tutorial only outlines the use of the Microsoft Word citation management tool, other tools such as Zotero, RefWorks, and Mendeley, are appropriate. It is important to be aware that no citation management tools are perfect. Whenever citations are generated using a citation management tool, they should be closely compared with the appropriate citation style guide to ensure they follow the correct format.

For example, when referencing in APA Style, all citations should be reviewed to ensure they follow the format described in the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Complete all manual changes after your reference list is complete. In the Microsoft Word citation management tool, the Source Manager is used to cite material not written by the authors of the document.

The Source Manager saves sources and can be used to generate references lists and add citations to text. To use these functions, sources must be saved in the Source Manager. The style of citations can be selected in the Citations and Bibliography bar in the Styles drop down menu. Generally, APA format is used. A new window will come up. Select the type of source in the drop down menu and fill as much information into the manager as possible.

Select OK to add to the current list of sources. Be mindful of how you are entering the information in the Source Manager. Detailed instructions describing how to correctly enter information for the most common types of sources have been included below. In the References tab under Citations and Bibliography select Insert Citation and double click the citation to place it.

In text citations should always be placed at the end of a sentence before the period. Each sentence containing information published by another author should be cited. It is not sufficient to cite the last sentence in a paragraph containing information from one source. This will automatically insert a list of References into the document.

Ensure that the list that is generated is appropriately formatted and the list of numbers is properly aligned. The following outlines, in detail, how to properly input information into the Microsoft Source Manager to ensure that citations are generated in proper APA format. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Journal Article.

To enter the author names: 1. Do NOT simply type the author names into the Author field. Instead, click Edit next to the Author field. Starting with the first author listed on the journal, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields.

Select Add. Repeat this process for all authors of the journal in order. Click OK. To enter the journal title: 1. Simple type the full journal title into the Title field. To enter the journal name: 1. Instead, research the abbreviated journal name and type this into the Journal Name field. All journals have abbreviated names that can very easily be found online. To enter the year, pages, volume, and issue: 1.

Simply type the year, page range, volume, and issue into their respective fields. Ensure that the citation generated in your References section follows proper APA format. Adjust if necessary. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Book.

Starting with the first author listed on the book, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields. Repeat this process for all authors of the book in order.


Microsoft word 2016 tutorial for beginners ppt free.Free Microsoft Word 2016 – Beginner


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Lesson 5 ms office word Standard and formatting toolbar. Word pagelayout tab, referance tab, mailing tab. Microsoft word ppt presentation. Microsoft Office Word Tutorial. Similar to Microsoft word basics ppt. Microsoft Word Intermediate. Advanced Microsoft word seminar.

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Related Books Free with a 14 day trial from Scribd. Now What? Germany, September Elsevier Books Reference. The Art of War Sun Tsu. Related Audiobooks Free with a 14 day trial from Scribd. Microsoft word basics ppt 1. Viewing Documents MS Word documents can be viewed in different layouts. Viewing Documents MS Word documents can also be viewed in layouts that allow special functions.

Web Page Looks much like normal view but is saved in a different format html file. Outline Looks much like normal view but includes various levels indicating indentions and tabs. Editing Features Include: MS Word is equipped with many features that allow a user to easily edit modify a document.

Retrieving Documents The Search feature can be used if a file cannot be found. File name can be searched through a specific drive. Do not underline for emphasis since you can do this with bold, italics, color, and font size. Reserve underlining for hot links as an underline in modern computer usage implies a link web link or other file link. Features that can be used to enhance the accuracy of a document.

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Microsoft word 2016 tutorial for beginners ppt free

This will launch the My Computer window. Now What? Cancel Save. You are allowed fere click anywhere and begin typing. Similar to Word module 1 ppt presentation. AniketDas67 May.


Microsoft word 2016 tutorial for beginners ppt free


Proofing: This feature allows you personalize how word corrects and formats your text. You can customize auto correction settings and have word ignore certain words or errors in a document. Save This feature allows you personalize how your document is saved. You can specify how often you want auto save to run and where you want the documents saved. Advanced: This feature allows you to specify options for editing, copying, pasting, displaying, printing and saving.

Customize the ribbon: Customize allows you to add features to the ribbons and keyboard shortcut key. If there are tools that you are utilizing frequently, you may want to add these to the ribbons and keyboard short cut key. If there are tools that you are utilizing frequently, you may want to add these to the Quick Access Toolbar. Add-ins: This feature allows you view and manage Microsoft office add-ins. Typing and inserting Text To enter text just starts typing! The text will appear where the blinking cursor is located.

Move the cursor by using the arrow buttons on the keyboard or positioning the mouse and clicking the left button. Selecting Text To change any attributes of text it must be highlighted first. Select the text by dragging the mouseover the desired text while keeping the left mouse button depressed, or hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard while using the arrow buttons to highlight the text. Deselect the text by clicking anywhere outside of the selection on the page or press an arrow key on the keyboard.

Clipboard group: Clipboard group have contained four buttons such as paste, cut, copy and format painter. When you click on paste button, it displays three options such as paste, paste special and paste hyperlink. Paste option allows paste the contents of the clipboard and paste recently cut or copied item.

Paste special is used to paste the copied or the cut text in a specific format may be word pad document, picture format, rich text document format and unformed text document. Cut allows cuts the selected text. Copy allows copies the selected text. Format painter allows copy formatting from one place and applies it to another place. Double click this button to apply the same formatting to multiple places in the document. Inserting Additional Text Text can be inserted in a document at any point using any of the following methods: Type Text: Put your cursor where you want to add the text and begin typing Copy and Paste Text: Highlight the text you wish to copy and right click and click Copy, put your cursor where you want the text in the document and right click and click Paste.

Cut and Paste Text: Highlight the text you wish to copy, right click, and click Cut, put your cursor where you want the text in the document, right click, and click Paste. Drag Text: Highlight the text you wish to move, click on it and drag it to the place where you want the text in the document. You can also use the Clipboard group on the Ribbon. Backspace will delete text to the left of the cursor and Delete will erase text to the right.

Jump the cursor one place to another. Font group: It allows formatting the text. It has some buttons such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, change case, font color, text highlight color, grow font, shrink font button, font typeface and font size combo box.

Bold button allows make the selected text bold. Italic button allows italicize the selected text. Strikethrough allows draw a line through the middle of the selected text. Subscript allows create a small letter below the text baseline. Superscript allows create a small letter above the line of the text and change case buttons allows change all selected text to uppercase, lowercase or other common capitalizations.

Text highlight color allows make text look like it was marked with a highlighter pen and can be selected any color from the highlight color list. Suppose you want to remove highlight color of the given highlight text, then choose no option from highlight button. Font color list button allows change text color and it display some color. Text effect and typography buttons allows add some effect to you text like shadow and grow.

If you document has been opened in compatibility mode, this button disabled. Font Styles and Effects: Font styles are predefined formatting options that are used to emphasize text. They include: Bold, Italic, and Underline.

Highlight Text Highlighting text allows you to use emphasize text as you would if you had a marker. Click in font size list box to select the font size for the text. Change Paragraph Alignment The paragraph alignment allows you to set how you want text to appear.

Indent Paragraphs Indenting paragraphs allows you set text within a paragraph at different margins. Bulleted and Numbered Lists Bulleted lists have bullet points, numbered lists have numbers, and outline lists combine numbers and letters depending on the organization of the list. Add Borders and Shading You can add borders and shading to paragraphs and entire pages. Styles can be saved for use in many documents. Styles are a present collection of formatting that you can apply to text.

Apply Styles There are many styles that are already in Word ready for you to use. Creating New Styles You can create styles for formatting that you use regularly.

There are two ways to create a new style. You can create a table one of four ways: o Highlight the number of row and columns o Click Insert Table. Begin typing.

These pertain to the table design and layout. Select button allows select the row, column, cell and tables. Properties button allows change alignment of table, cell, rows and columns. Delete buttons allows delete the table, rows, columns and cells.

Insert above button allows insert the row above of the selected row. Insert below button allows insert the row below of the selected row. Insert left button allows insert the column left side of the selected row. Insert right button allows insert the column right side of the selected row. Merge group have three buttons such as Merge cells, split cells and split table.

Merge cells button allows more than one cell convert into a single cell. Split cells button allows insert multiple rows and columns in a selected cell. Split table button allows divide two part into selected table. Cell sizegroup have four tasks such as Auto fit, Height, Width, distribute rows and distribute columns. Auto fit allows automatically resize the column width based on the size of the text. Height option allows set the height of selected cells. Width option allows set thewidth of selected cells.

Distribute rows button allows distributed the height of the selected rows equally between them. Distribute columns button allows distributed the height of the selected columns equally between them.

Alignment group have nine alignment buttons align top left, align top center, align top right, align center left, align center, align center right, align bottom left, align bottom center, align bottom right , text direction button and cell margin button. Align top left allows align text to the top left corner of the cell. Align top center allows center text and align it to the top of the cell.

Align top right allows align text to the top right corner of the cell. Align center left allows center text vertically and align it to the left side of the cell. Align center allows center text horizontally and vertically within thecell. Align center right allows center text vertically and align it to the right side of the cell. Align bottom left allows align text to the bottom left corner of the cell.

Align bottom center allows center Align bottom right allows align text to the bottom right corner of the cell. Text direction button allows change the text direction within theselected cells and click the button multiple times to cycle through the available directions. Cell margin button allows customize cell margins and the spacing between cells. Data group have four buttons such as sort, repeat header rows, convert to text and formula.

Sort buttons allows alphabetize the text or sort numerical data in ascending or descending order. Repeat Header Rows allows repeat the header rows on every page and it only affects tables which extend beyond a single page.

Convert to Text allows convert the table to regular text and you can choose which text character to use to separate the columns. Formula button allows add a formula to a cell to perform a simple calculation, such as Average, Sum etc.

To merge two cell. Split the cell from the table. We want to sort to the name from this table by ascending order, then click sort button from data group of the layout tab. Symbols and SpecialCharacters: Special characters are punctuation, spacing, or typographical characters that are not generally available on the standard keyboard.

Equations: Word also allows you to insert mathematical equations. Equation allows insert common mathematically equations or build up your own equations using a library of math symbols. If you document has been opened in compatibility mode, the equation button is disabled. To use this feature, convert your document to a new file format by clicking the office button and then clicking convert.

It includes timelines, processes, or workflow. Resize Graphics All graphics can be resized by clicking the image and clicking one corner of the image and dragging the cursor to the size you want the picture.

Place the mouse pointer on any of the square, and then drag it as per requirement. Online pictures: Using this button can be insert any picture from the online source. So that internet connection must be requirement in your computer.

It is used to create a link in your document foe quick access to webpage and files. Book mark: it is used for creates book mark which we can use to mark selected text traffics table. Drop cap: Create a large capital letter at the beginning of paragraph is known as Drop Cap.

If you want to add drop cap, then first select thecharacter and click on drop cap drop down icon from text group of insert tab. Add a signature line: Using this button insert a signature line that specifies the individual who must sign. If you have inserting a digital signature requires that you obtain a digital ID such as one from a certified Microsoft Partner. And click on ok command button.

DesignTab: Using Design tab, can be pick a new theme, watermark, page color and page boarder to your document to five you document instant styleand right personality.

There are two groups such as document formatting and page background. For example: Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. When you add or delete headings from your document, Word updates your Table of Contents. Word also updates the page number in the table of contents when information in the document is added or deleted.

When you create a Table of Contents, the first thing you want to do is mark the entries in your document. The Table of Contents is formatted based on levels of headings. Level 1 will include any text identified with the style Heading 1. The first step to creating a reference list and citations in a document is to choose the appropriate style that you will be using for formatting the citations and references.

Use Mail Merge to create form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, directories, and mass e-mail and fax distributions. In a mail-merge operation in Word, the main document contains the text and graphics that are the same for each version of the merged document, such as the return address or salutation in a form letter. The data source file contains the information to be merged into a document such as the list of names and addresses you want to use in a mail merge.

You must connect to the data source before you can use the information in it. A merge field is a placeholder that you insert in the main document. Word will insert the city name stored in the City data field into the main document. The merge toolbar is displayed in this document. The document with the merged data is NOT the main document. However, you will create and save a new main document for each.

Microsoft Office Excel worksheets. Microsoft Office Word tables. Microsoft Office Access database tables. Text files in which tabs or commas separate the columns, and paragraph returns separate the rows. In a data file, information is organized into columns and rows. Each column represents a category, such as first name, last name, company, or street address. Each row, except for the first row, represents one complete record or set of data.

The first row is special. An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to study efficiently and guide you to secure your qualification. Access Duration – 30 Days. Guided Learning Hours Course Material. Number of Modules Accredited By. Enquire Now. To navigate the Word interface seamlessly. To work with and customise the ribbon and quick access toolbar. To use the status bar and help. To create, open, save, and close documents. To navigate, format and select the text you are working with.

To use other functions such as: indents, tabs, bullets, and borders etc. To print, and change print settings. Register today and get free access to this Microsoft Word Beginner course! Please note: Global Edulink does not provide any software with this course. Course Description Entry Requirements Method of Assessment Certification Career Path Benefits you will gain This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.

Learners must be age 16 or over and should have basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy and ICT. At the end of the course learners will also take an online multiple choice questions assessment test. This online multiple choice questions test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.

The hard copy will be sent via the post and will arrive in days. The soft copy comes in the form of a PDF and will be with you in 24 hours. This course will train you on knowledge and skills that will prove worthwhile in working for a number of job positions across many industries.

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