Pet Safe Fertilizer

Pet Safe Fertilizer

If you worry about your pet safety with traditional fertilizers on your lawn or garden, you’re not alone. Many pet owners now look to a more natural product for lawn fertility rituals care and gardening either because their pets consume the grass or other delectable munchies in the garden or the potential for absorption through the skin is great. Either way finding pet safe fertilizer is important. Let’s face it; Fido and Kit Kat are part of the family. You want to protect them as you would any family member.

Look For Eco Friendly

Each year there are thousands of poisonings called into the Animal Poison Control Center from garden mishaps involving toxic pesticides, weed killer, fertilizer and even toxic plants. You can prevent the stomach upset and potential damage caused by these fertilizers if you take time to read the labels on the packaging. Most of the hazardous or semi-hazardous fertilizers have a warning label for children and pets.

Using eco friendly natural fertilizers can help you avoid problems. Of course, you still should read the labels for warnings. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean there are potentially harmful ingredients.


While a top dressing of manure or manure tea may be one of the best fertilizers, many dogs find the odor attractive and roll in the scent to their heart’s content. Even though this type of fertilizer is pet safe, you may not want to invite Fido back into the house without a good bath first.

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