Police Equipment Essentials and Extras

 Police Equipment Essentials and Extras

In order to do his or her job, an officer must be outfitted from head to toe with appropriate police equipment. Police supply stores sell uniforms and badges so that officers can먹튀폴리스  be readily identified. Police gear is often ordered in bulk. However, a department must order certain pieces of clothing to size to accommodate the different builds of officers. Clothing and equipment is now offered for sale on the Internet.

Some items are required for all officers. For example, almost all on duty street officers need a police duty belt which is also known as a gun belt. The belt allows officers to have their hands free to interact with each other and potential criminals while carrying their gear. Equipment commonly found on gun belts includes:

Handcuffs- these are used to restrain a criminal. They are commonly made of metal and applied while the alleged criminal’s hands are behind his or her back. This allows the officer to easily frisk the individual or get him or her into the police car without resistance.

Fire arms- in the United Kingdom most police are unarmed. However, in the United States many police carry handguns. Police must be trained to use handguns and the guns must be appropriately maintained.

Alternative protection devices- police in the United States that do not carry handguns usually have some sort of protective police equipment such as pepper spray or a baton. Alternative protection devices are more commonly used in areas where the threat of violence is not as probable (e.g. often campus police do not carry handguns). Pepper spray is a chemical agent often used in riot control or self-defense. Whe

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