Women in Leadership – Entrepreneurial Success Part 1

 Women in Leadership – Entrepreneurial Success Part 1


True entrepreneurs are a special breed. They are creative and driven and often single minded. While that may work to get a new product or business off the ground it does women in leadership  not always work in the long run to build a business and to keep it running smoothly. The entrepreneurs that are successful also have a set of skills and characteristics that help them build and sustain relationships that build business and they have the leadership skills necessary to move their team forward.

Entrepreneurs are found as heads of small businesses, large businesses and embedded within businesses. They all strive to build something of significance using a lot of personal influence and hands on work. There are lots of articles out there talking about how different entrepreneurs are and how difficult they are to work with. I don’t buy into all of that stuff – the thing is to understand them and to know what it is that makes them successful. When you can do that, you can use the best as a model for others to follow.

Here are some skills and characteristics that are hallmarks of really good entrepreneur business people. You can score yourself on each by using a 1 to 5 scale where 1 means you rarely do this and 5 means you almost always do this.

1. Resilience. Good entrepreneurs face adversity and failure with great flexibility. They bounce back quickly and look at each attempt as a learning experience. Instead of being frustrated they are urged to find even better ways to do things. They bounce back easily and quickly.

2. Self-awareness. Good entrepreneurs know who they are, where their skills lie and how what they do impacts other people. They are able to hire individuals who have skills they do not have so that they have a good, well rounded team.

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